You should get a big sis too...

Since we will graduate and move in one week, I asked my little sister, Darlene, to write a letter explaining why she loves having a big sister and why everyone should get involved with the Big Brother, Big Sister organization. Whitney's little sister, Sarah, offered to write a letter as well. I tried to reproduce spelling and punctuation mistakes (they're only in the fourth grade, haha) when typing their responses for authentic reasoning. We are going to miss these girls!

I surprised Darlene and checked her out of school for lunch.
We went to a chinese buffet and she ate pickles and ice cream.

Dear Everbody if you don’t have a big sister than you should because you are missing out on all the stuff you can be have fun with. You big sister will take you to eat. Play and to their room. And best is when you help them put up stuff. Like for Cesmas, hoilween, thanksgiveing. And a nother thang is when is cesmus you get present and sing song take pic. Best of all you get to help on the cesmas tree. By the way is fun. Now you are hearing this from Darlene Scott from Kristen little sis. And that is why you should get to have a Big Sis so you have fun with all your friend. Dis really fun. From: Darlene Scott Kristen little sis.

Most of all they love you.


My best friend, Whitney, and her little sister, Sarah.

Dear, Everyone

I think you should get a big sister. Because They are fun to have, easy to get, and cost not a penny out of your pocket. I love my big sis. Because I have no sisters and we do all kind of things together. From hanging out to celibrating birthdays. My favorate thing I do with my big sis is being able to hang out. My big sister is so nice and aways coming no matter what I think you should get one too. Trust me you will lover her, and have so much fun things you would do. The first time I met my big Sister I had butter-flies in my stomch. But at the end of the day we new each other very well I felt that we already knew each other for along time even though it has only been an hour. I love my big sis. I sure if you get one you would love her too!


Sarah Rivas