Stuttgart School Visits

This morning, I had the priveledge to speak to St. John's Lutheran School. I attended St. John's as a child and always value opportunities to return to this school. I spoke to about 40 kids in grades 1-5. The audience was a little younger than what I expected so it was a great challenge to speak to this age group. They were so attentive, respectful, and interactive. I had a great day at St. John's!

1st and 2nd grade
silly face!!
3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

This afternoon, I spoke to a class at Stuttgart High School. It was a very informal setting with only a few students, but I fully appreciate the opportunity! I brought photos of celebrities who are known for the mistakes they have made. I quizzed the class on Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Micheal Vick, Jamie Lynn Spears, and more celebrities. We talked about their mistakes, consequences that followed, and overcoming the mistake. We can learn a lot from the mistakes of others!

CMN Fundraiser!

The fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network was a HUGE success!! The amount raised at Larry's Pizza this past Thursday was $792.42!! The total amount of money I raised for Children's Miracle Network this year came to a grand total of $1442.42!! I am thrilled to be donating this amount to CMN and know that this donation could make a difference in the life of a child!

Children's Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that financially assists families that cannot pay their children's medical bills. The organization, founded in 1983 by the Osmond family and John Schneider, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. CMN has established a partnership with 170 hospitals in the United States and Canada.

My beautiful princess, Riley!
The DBS girls worked very hard all night. They deserved a dinner break when the crowd weakened!

A THANK YOU belongs to the following:

Larry's Pizza for hosting and contributing to the fundraiser!

Delta Beta Sigma for serving and cleaning!

JR and the radio station, businesses around Stuttgart, and Stuttgart Rotary Club for advertising this fundraiser!

The Stuttgart community for supporting this fundraiser and eating pizza!

Rotary Club of Stuttgart

Yesterday, I was asked to fill in at the Rotary Club meeting since the scheduled program speaker had to cancel in the last minute. I gathered my thoughts quickly and prepared to speak. I always enjoy speaking at the Rotary Club and connecting with the community!

I spoke about my platform, "Second Chances." I explained why I am passionate about mentoring and giving second chnaces. The crowd seemed very interested in my service at the Promise House and I was so happy to speak about it. The newspaper was present, and I look forward to seeing an article in the paper tomorrow!
Me and Mr. Wade Hosman

I also promoted my upcoming fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. The fundraiser will be held this Thursday, May 20 at Larry's Pizza in Stuttgart. All customers will enjoy the dinner buffet as normal, but the difference is in the service. Volunteers will serve pizza so that 100% of the tips go to Children's Miracle Network. I hope to see you at the fundraiser!

School Visit!

On Wednesday, I visited a school in Osceola and was delighted to speak to the girls in grades 8-12. I spoke about my platform, "Second Chances." More specifically, we talked about choices, consequences, second chances, and lessons learned from mistakes. The principal also asked me to speak about abstinence, one of my favorite topics. While speaking about abstinence, I showed two visuals that demonstrated the meaning of purity and the chances to contract STD.

I enjoyed speaking to this group of girls so much! Girls are always more fun than a mixed audience. They were very welcoming and excited to meet me. Before the day was over, I asked every girl to tell me her plans post-high school. Good luck to all of the girls in Osceola, and it was truly a pleasure to visit the high school!

Arkansas Prayer Breakfast

In April, I was given the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Arkansas Prayer Breakfast. This event was held at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion in Little Rock, AR and the tickets were sold out! The crowd consisted of hundreds of politicians, educators, businessmen, etc... all of which are considered difference makers throughout Arkansas! The prayer breakfast is an opportunity for leaders across the state to gather and refocus on serving Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful morning!

I gave a two minute speech after an introduction by Senator Tim Wooldridge. I asked the adults to "believe in my generation and realize the potential that lays before us." I challenged them "to invest in young adults, because we desperately need their wisdom, insight, leadership, and encouragement."

Speaking at the Governor's Mansion

Governor Beebe in the bottom right corner

Mrs. Becky Horne, me, Josh Groves, and Dr. Rex Horne (President of Ouachita Baptist University)

My family: Dad, Mom, me, Josh Groves, and Senator Bobby Glover

I also promoted the Arkansas Student Leadership Forum, a weekend forum that allows for college students to engage in conversations concerning the leadership skills of Jesus Christ. In order to attend, you must be nominated by the president of your University. Once at the forum, students hear from multiple Christian professionals and fellowship with outstanding student leaders. I fully enjoyed the forum when I attended during the fall of 2009!

I am excited about the leaders that will rise from my generation! I will continue to spread the message, "believe in my generation!"