Kiwanas Club

Kiwanas Club of Stuttgart is a lively bunch! After enjoying the piano music and singing old country tunes, I was asked to speak about my Miss Arkansas experience and platform. I told many stories about my work at the Promise House and shared my passion to mentor. The crowd was very supportive and encouraging throughout and after my speech. It was an honor to speak to the Kiwanis Club of Stuttgart and I always appreciate the opportunity to practice public speaking!

"Second Chances..." haha

Mr. Brian and me

Children's Tour

I have completed my children's tour! haha. I found an excellent children's book that talks about choices and how they effect you and others. The book is entitled, "How full is your bucket?" The book describes an invisible bucket above our heads that show our feelings. When the bucket is full, we are happy. When the bucket is empty, we are upset. I actually bring a bucket and container of water to show the illustration, while talking about good choices. The kids loved the illustration and they were so attentive and interactive! I have fully enjoyed speaking to the classes at Noah's Ark and Easter Seals Daycare!

The class at Easter Seals in Stuttgart... a great group of kids!

Reading the book and showing the kids my sad face. haha.

These kids were so fun!

The group at Noah's Ark daycare!
Sweet girls.

Another picture with the group.

Rwanda meets the Promise House

On Thursday, I helped organize an event at the Promise House, my old summer home. The Promise House is a shelter for pregnant teens and teenage mothers. I cherish the girls at the house and believe that we have a prime opportunity to pour into their life. That's why I love visiting!

I invited three Rwandan college students to visit the Promise House and talk about the Rwandan culture. The Promise House girls were amazed at the simplicity of life in Rwanda and asked many questions! I showed pictures of people and places in Rwanda, such as the schools, market, houses, and forests. The girls were largely surprised that most televisions in Rwanda has only one channel, pregnant and nonpregnant women often walked 2 hours to the market, and the kitchen in most Rwandan houses is outside. The Rwandan students spoke English very well and enjoyed sharing their culture with new friends!

After the talk, we then took the girls to the Heifer International Museum in Little Rock. I really enjoyed the outing with the girls!

Renatha, me, Frida, and Ingrid

Promise House girls looking at the Heifer International exhibit.

The most precious baby girl!

MayMy parents last summer, Mrs. Susan and Mr. Jesse

Keileasha's Story

I have known Keileasha for a year now and am so so excited to share her story! I am blessed to have Keileasha in my life as a friend and inspiration! I watch God renew her daily and admire her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Here is her story:

As i was coming up on my teenage years I remember all the girls in my surroundings becoming sexually active. I never understood why they made the choices they did... I use to always say that I was waiting until marriage. Though I didnt know much about why you should wait I just knew that you should. No one ever told me why so here I am just thinking you should wait until marriage to have sex because it is the right thing to do. When I became a freshman in High School I was the only one out of my friends that was a virgin. I started to become very curious about having sex. Still I never acted on my curiousity 1. Because it was the right thing to do and 2. The boys at my school weren't worthy of taking my innocence. I still didnt know why you were suppose to wait for marriage to have sex.. So then I came up with this theory that you were suppose to wait until you found the one you love and trust. Then I met this boy who i would sometimes call my worst nightmare.

The odd thing about this boy was that he was like the most popular guy in school and he chose me to to be his girlfriend. I felt estatic about that THEN I fell in love.. Or so I thought. So anyways with that being said I fell in love and gave him what the most important thing i cherished.From there on i became really depressed. Even though I had just witnessed the ugly part of sex I turned to more for my comfort which was a bad thing. I was starting to learn the good and bad side of being sexually active but I still didnt know why you should wait until marriage to have sex. All I cared about is not getting a STD; Not even thinking about getting pregnant. On March 17, 2009 I found out I was 3 months pregnant by someone I didnt even care for.

For some crazy reason when the nurse told me the test was positive I started crying and smiling at the same time. I cried because I didnt know I was going to do with a baby still being a child myself & I smiled because I knew that I finally had someone to fill that whole in my heart and would alway have someone there for me. During my pregnancy I found Christ and became a whole new person. I also learned that God would forgive me. I must say getting pregnant has been the the best thing that has ever happend to me. Not only because it brought me a beautiful healthy son but because It helped me have a personal relationship with God.. Something everyone needs. Now I know why you should wait until marriage to have sex.. To believe that true love waits, make a commitment to God, yourself, your family, your friends, your future mate, and your future children to a lifetime of purity including sexual abstinence until the day you enter a biblical marriage relationship.

You are not your own; you were bought at a price therefore honor god with your body.1 Corinthians 6:20

The sweetest boy!

Mom and son!

I love this smile!! So precious!