January = National Mentoring Month

January = National Mentoring Month

I was elated when I noticed the front page article of the newspaper declaring January to be the National Mentoring Month! Mentoring is the key idea behind my efforts to equip at-risk students with skills, passions, and second chances. I was tickled pink when I recognized that President Obama and Arkansas Governor Beebe recognized mentoring to be equally important!
"The dedication of mentors has helped countless young men and women succeed when they might have otherwise fallen short of their full potential," Obama said. "Mentors can provide a steady presence and share their valuable knowledge and experiences. Even brief amounts of quality time set aside by these compassionate adults have lasting impact on the development of a child."

President Obama also recognizes the long-term positive affects of mentoring. "We know the difference that a responsible, caring adult can make in a child's life. Effective mentoring programs can result in better school attendance, positive student attitudes, and a reduced likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use."

January is a great month! Mentors deserve a tremendous applause as you impact the lives of others!

Me, Darlene, Sarah, and Whitney

Whitney is my best friend and roommate. We mentor a younger pair of best friends, Darlene and Sarah, through the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program at Ouachita Baptist University. We often hang out together and we recently bought them matching scooters for Christmas! Together, Whitney and I model a healthy friendship with care and trust. We love these two girls!


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