My Bucket is Overflowing!

This week, I have had the privilege to speak to four elementary classrooms and share my favorite children's book, "How Full is Your Bucket?" It is a book about how your choices affect others. If you are nice, your invisible bucket and the bucket of those you are helping fills with water. A full bucket means you are happy!

After getting caught in traffic and arriving 30 minutes late, I spoke to first graders at Magnet Cove Elementary school on Tuesday. They were a very interactive bunch and completely enthralled with my crown. After the book, I asked if they had any questions. Every child raised their hand with the same question, "how full is my bucket?" All of them answered, "so full it is overflowing!" Afterwards, they asked for my autograph on notebook paper and individually hugged me before I left the classroom. Such a precious bunch!

On Thursday, I spoke to a kindergarten and first grade class at Lake Hamilton Primary School. This is a beautiful school with great children. The kindergarten class screamed "drip, drip, drip" every time the bucket lost or gained water. Then, Principle Smalling embarrassed a little boy when he asked if he thought I was pretty. The little boy blushed and said, "I already have a girlfriend." haha! With the first graders, the students were intelligent and responsive. When I finished reading the book, I asked for a show of hands of those who had an overflowing bucket. Everybody except one boy raised his hand. I prompted the single boy on why his bucket wasn't full. His reasoning, "My bucket only overflows when I ride my dirt bike."

Children are so precious! I am starting to learn how important it is to invest in children at such a young age. I love sharing my message of choices and consequences with these students. Thank you to the Miss Arkansas organization for giving me a platform and opportunity to invest in young children while visiting multiple classrooms across Arkansas!

Magnet Cove Elementary School

The face we make when our buckets are empty! :(

Lake Hamilton Kindergarten Class

Lake Hamilton First Grade Class


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