Women Like to Talk!

I was given the privilege to speak to the Stuttgart Women's Club during the lunch hour on Wednesday. This organization is dedicated to serving the Stuttgart community and welcomed my message about mentoring. After sharing my story of competing in Miss Arkansas and developing my platform (Second Chances: Empowering Youth to Rise Above), many women had multiple questions concerning my work with pregnant girls and poverty-stricken teenagers. More than any other audience, they were fully engaged with my message and joyfully discussed thebenefits of mentoring. I was encouraged by this group of women and appreciate their support!

Stuttgart Women's Club

My mom and #1 chaperone

Although my platform targets teenagers who will benefit from mentors and second chances, the Stuttgart Women's Club reminded me how my message can be shared with all audiences! They were inspired by my work and recognized the importance of mentoring. One of my platform goals is to reignite belief in the potential of my generation. After speaking to these women, I believe I am one step closer to that goal...


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