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Lori Motl, a great friend and Tri Chi sister, invited me to join the “Ouachita Blog About” campaign for the 125th anniversity of Ouachita Baptist University. During the month of September, Ouachita students and alumni are prompted with a topic related to their Ouachita years to blog about. Since life is getting busy, I decided to include all topics in this blog. To read more about the Blog About campaign, visit http://www.obu.edu/blogabout/

Favorite Ouachita Memory, September 6

There are too many memories to choose only one favorite memory. I remember that I made a 68% on my first chemistry test and thought the world was ending. I remember pledging Tri Chi and wearing heels to class… something I am much better at now. I caught the flu a week after pledge week. I met my boyfriend of three years in the Berry Bible Chapel on campus. I dissected a cat and shark in biology lab. Once, I accidentally spilled nitric acid on my thumb and it turned yellow for a week. I remember the first time I received a personal letter in the mail from OBU President Dr. Rex Horne … it was a big deal! Every year, I participated in Tiger Traks and mud volleyball… and I remember the odd sunburns that occurred from the mud. When the new Gosser dorms were being built, I sneaked inside to see the layout but got my shoes stuck in the mud on the way out. We loved floating the Caddo River during the summer, and we always packed the 10 rafts in the back of my convertible to transport them to the river. I went on a weeklong camping trip with “On the Ouachita” to receive the best 3 hours of biology credit ever. I also traveled with the Chemistry Department to Anaheim, California to attend the American Chemical Society Conference … highlight of my senior year! I was honored to be on the 2008 homecoming court and to be named 2011 Miss Ouachita Baptist University. Because my picture was posted on the Ouachita student intranet, everyone recognized me as Miss OBU… even on the days I wore a hat and sweats. I loved taking classes outside of the science building, including classes in politics, business, mass communication, and Christian studies. I miss chapel on Tuesdays. On the last night in the dorm before graduation, my roommates and I laid our beds together and had a slumber party in the living room.

My best friends at the senior banquet!

Josh and I in the chapel!
My roommates and I after graduation

Crowning moment at Miss Ouachita Baptist University

Favorite Ouachita faculty or staff member, September 13

As a science major, I spent LOTS of time in the science building. Dr. Joe Jeffers, dean of the science building, is the person we all secretly want to be. Monday, Wednesday, Friday- he walked into Organic Chemistry with a cup of coffee in his hand and tie around his neck. He taught us a new vocabulary word because he wanted us to be well rounded. He often made jokes about books, movies, foreign countries, or something cultural that we pretended to know about. He is dedicated to his students. After winning Miss Arkansas, he was one of the first people I called. He then called the University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy to ask for my year’s deferment to serve as Miss Arkansas, and who could deny Dr. Jeffers?

Dr. Marty Perry also made an impact on my life. He taught me General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Experimental Techniques. But he also cared about his students. I often walked into his office and said, “Let’s talk about life.” He was the best listener and advisor! I made the biggest mistake of my college career under Dr. Perry, and he showed me much grace. I accidentally left the specialized calorimeter on over the weekend and the water ran dry. I was trembling in front of Dr. Perry on that Monday, and I apologized a thousand times. Thankfully, the machine wasn’t broken, and I wasn’t responsible to replace the $20,000 instrument. I can’t believe Dr. Perry still liked me after that mistake!

My research poster at the American Chemical Society Conference

Favorite Student life experience (club or organization), September 20

Serving as Tiger Tunes director for the Tri Chi Women’s Social Club was the most rewarding yet challenging role that I held in college! I dedicated approximately 5 months to creating a theme, music, lyrics, costumes, and choreography to perform in Tiger Tunes, a Homecoming tradition at Ouachita. All clubs on campus compete for the best performance in the fundraiser, which raises over $60,000 for student scholarships.

I think the girls will remember me as the director who never knew the lyrics. Even though I helped write the lyrics, I had the hardest time remembering them… much less teaching choreography with the lyrics. Instead I taught with counts, and we often joked about how I messed up the lyrics. I get it from my dad.

I was so proud of my “White House Secretaries.” Our show highlighted life in the White House. We received awards in costume and musicality, third place and crowd favorite!! To watch the show, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ID8lroznLc

Directors for the White House Secretaries
Ending song of our show

What does Ouachita mean today or how has it helped you get to where you are today, September 27

Professors, administrative staff, and students at Ouachita taught me the importance of service. As a freshman, my calculus professor included a service project that comprised 25% of the overall grade. I loved working with the Ouachita Student Foundation, an organization with the motto “Students Serving Students.” Many administrative staffers work with the Ouachita Student Foundation and emphasize the importance of service. Tri Chi always provided service opportunities, including visits to the Promise House. Dr. Horne’s aspiration has always been to develop “difference makers” at Ouachita.

The Ouachita experience has given me a heart for service. Since being named Miss Arkansas, I typically have several opportunities a day for service, public speaking, and making a difference. I will be forever indebted to Ouachita and will do my best to give back!


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