Teen boys and teen girls... Entertaining Week 42!

Monday, I was in Stuttgart for an Ouachita Baptist University luncheon and loved seeing many familiar faces!  My alma mater has given me so much and has helped form many of my ideas and beliefs.  I was excited to hear a recent statistic.  Even though Ouachita’s tuition is expensive since it is a private university, we rank second on the list of Arkansas universities where students graduate with the least amount of debt.  Wow!  Ouachita students do quite well in acquiring scholarships and grants for education, it seems!

Later that evening, I traveled to Searcy to attend the Riverview School awards ceremony.  I enjoyed dinner with the district staff and board members before I performed and spoke to the group.  Because I was talking to the elite students of each grade, I encouraged them to become mentor leaders now.  I challenged them to recognize their influence and make an impact.  You are never too young to make a difference!

Tuesday, I recorded a clip, which will be played Wednesday on the B98.5 radio station, concerning our upcoming Miss Arkansas Golf Tournament!  It is our primary fundraiser for Miss Arkansas, and we want to beat our last year’s record of $76,000 in scholarships given to contestants competing in Miss Arkansas!  We are all about scholarships!
Then, I was invited to attend a painting lesson at Spirited Art Little Rock (http://myspiritedart.com).  They offer classes every afternoon and walk participants through creating the painting.  I had so much fun!  You don’t have to be artistic to participate!  I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a painting fundraiser soon!  For $35, anyone can sign up online as we raise money for Children’s Miracle Network!  Half of the fee will go toward charity, and the other half will cover your canvas, paint, and materials!   The event will be held on June 5 at 6:30, and we will be painting a razorback!  More information to come! 

I had a great day on Wednesday!  Last year, I spoke at the graduation ceremony for the Arkansas National Guard Youth Challenge Program.  The program teaches discipline, character, and GED study skills to students who have dropped out of high school.  The students volunteer to be a part of the program, and the staff is dedicated to second chances and mentoring! 
Returning for a follow-up visit, I spoke to a group of young women and two groups of young men in the Youth Challenge 22-week program.  They seemed to really appreciate a visiting speaker and asked lots of great questions.  The girls wanted to know what kind of make-up I use and how to overcome insecurity.  The boys were hilarious!  They wanted to know about my favorite football and baseball teams.  One boy asked, “What qualities would Mr. Arkansas need to have?”  I loved it!  I didn’t have any problems keeping their attention until one teenage boy… how do I say this politely… “cut the cheese”.  I just did my best to keep on speaking without laughing, but I was abruptly reminded that boys will always be boys. 

Early Thursday morning, I was on KTHV Channel 11 with Alyse Eady Miss Arkansas 2009 to discuss the upcoming Miss Arkansas Golf Tournament and scholarships!  In case you missed the interview, you can view it here (http://www.todaysthv.com/news/thv_this_morning/article/209504/143/Miss-Arkansas-Scholarship-Foundation-hosting-golf-tournament)! 

I was particularly excited about Friday because of the Stuttgart High School College Signing Day!  I announced the recipients of my New Beginnings Scholarships, which is designated for first generation college students.  Once their applications received the highest scores from the scholarship selection committee, I was very eager to present the awards to Mallory Schroeder and Haley Duncan.  Both girls have the intelligence, discipline, and heart to finish college and make a difference in this world.  My message to them included the following sentiments,  “Not only did you receive a check, but you have my endorsement to reach your personal potential and make a huge impact in the lives around you!  I believe in you and know that college will help you accomplish this!  Congrats!”

Saturday was hot and memorable!  I joined Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen 2011 Ashton Campbell and the state contestants then headed to Toad Suck Dayz in downtown Conway.  After I collected several name suggestions on Facebook, I decided to name my toad “tapper” since I am a tap dancer!  Unfortunately, traffic slowed me down and I missed the toad race.  I did pick up a toad to pose for some photos and ended up taking lots of pictures with the contestants and crowd.  Afterward, I joined the girls at Country Inn & Suites for filming in preparation for the upcoming Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen pageant.  I spent several hours with the girls and helped them with filming their talent and evening gown introductions.  I LOVED hanging out with those girls and think they are a special bunch! 

After filming, I met my best friend Lauren at McDonald’s for sweet tea.  While I was in the parking lot, a rambunctious group of teenagers noticed my Miss Arkansas car.  One boy came over and cursed while asking for an autograph.  I was so startled that I signed his autograph, “No pretty girl likes a dirty mouth.  –Miss Arkansas.”  He seemed to be embarrassed when he walked back to his group of friends.  Boys will be boys. 
Sunday was my very first Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen contestant meeting!  Executive Director Thomas Collins shares information about this year’s state pageant.  I especially wanted to be there for Ashton since she has become my sister and dear friend this year!  She has been an incredible Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen, graciously serving and sacrificing for the MAOT organization.  Whoever follows in her footsteps will have a tough job!

Also, I was elated about the announcement of the judges for MAOT!  I have two sister queens from Miss America sitting on the judges’ panel, Miss Arizona Jennifer Sedler and Miss Missouri Sydney Friar!  Jennifer is very impressive!  She placed 3rd runner up at Miss America while attending college as a pre-med student.  She is a very talented dancer and naturally warm and relatable!  Her platform gives support to children with life-threatening diseases.  Sydney was my roommate in Orlando for the Miss America contestant meeting.  She is a strong vocalist and the most down-to-earth girl you will ever meet.  As a communications major, she competed in Miss Missouri for five years before winning.  She is very dedicated to the Miss America Organization and wants to see everyone achieve their best!  Sydney’s platform is “Family Ties and Reconnecting the Family Unit!”  I am excited to welcome Miss Missouri and Miss Arizona to my state and spend the teen pageant week with them! 
      Miss Arizona Jennifer Sedler
  Miss Missouri Sydney Friar 

While at the teen contestant meeting, I was asked to speak and share some advice for the girls competing.  I decided to pre-record a speech infused with music segments.  I was afraid it was cheesy, but the girls totally got into it!  You can listen to it here!  (http://youtu.be/N3Vk5HYhZbs


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