Life as a Former.

It has been two weeks since I passed on my Miss Arkansas crown.  I have made the most of these two weeks by sleeping, reading, painting, watching movies, hanging out with friends, babysitting my niece, swimming, organizing my closet, writing thank you notes, cheering on Team USA, and RELAXING!  After a stressful and extremely busy pageant week, I have been very thankful for this downtime!

 My painting!  I have been asked to enter it in my hometown arts contest, haha!  ;)
 Olympics opening ceremony celebration!

I was given several warnings about post-pageant life.  My grandfather even took me out to lunch last week to make sure I was adjusting well.  He remembers the times when he stepped down from a public office and moved out of the “spotlight” or “influence” of his title.  I appreciate his care because he probably understands how I feel more than anyone besides a former Miss Arkansas. 

But it hasn’t be that bad!  There are many reasons the transition hasn’t been so difficult:
-I will forever relish the memories and blessings of my year as Miss Arkansas!  I    am honored to always be a member of the Miss Arkansas sisterhood!
-I have talked with the new Miss Arkansas Sloane Roberts several times and hope to be an encouragement to her throughout the year. 
-I have several public speaking appearances scheduled for the upcoming year.  I get to continue doing what I love and promoting my platform!
-I consider the biggest blessing of this year to be the relationships I made through the Miss Arkansas Organization!  The friendships will last forever. 

So to all of my faithful blog followers, I hope you continue reading!  I start Pharmacy School at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in one week and will soon be blogging about my white coat ceremony!!!  It will be a challenge to get back to studying day and night, but I am looking forward to the challenge!  However, I don’t plan to forget the lessons I learned this year as Miss Arkansas.  I want to apply the nonprofit skills, management and marketing skills, public speaking skills, and passion for my platform to my next phase of life.  I hope you will join me in the journey!  This pageant girl will soon transform into a science nerd… 


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