Pizza Party and Birthday Party!

Tuesday, I was excited to join a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at Larry’s Pizza in Bryant!  I was a part of the celebrity crew that served pizza and refilled drinks in return for donations to American Cancer Society!  Several of the celebrities included Steve “Wildman” Wilson, Roger Scott from The Buzz Radio Station, Jennifer Stafford-Hines from KSSN Radio, Shane Broadway from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, and more local business and school leaders.  Wildman and Roger were constantly battling over who raised the most donations, and Wildman would blow a duck call every time he was handed cash.  Wildman was tickled to hear that I was Queen Mallard in 2008, a beloved title in the duck hunting metropolis of Stuttgart.  In fact, he began introducing me as Queen Mallard instead of Miss Arkansas!  What an interesting night!

 We had signs on our back explaining who we were!

We raised $6,319!!  But let me tell you… we worked hard for those donations!  Carrying around large pizzas for three hours was exhausting!  Towards the end of the night, I accidentally dropped a slice of Meat Lovers pizza on a small boy in a high chair.  I was so embarrassed and tried to comb the pepperonis and beef out of his hair.  Thankfully, his parents joked and said, “Even with pepperoni in his hair, he is probably cleaner now than he usually is!”  

I will be participating in  a second celebrity waiter fundraiser for American Cancer Society on September 27 at the Loca Luna and Red Door Restaurants in Little Rock.  Hope to see you there… and I promise to practice on my waitressing skills before then! 

This week ended with my birthday!  My family spent the weekend on Lake Hamilton and it was so nice.  Thank you to all of my friends and family for making it a very special day!  Now… back to studying!  I have my first two tests this week.  Ah!  
 My family took a sunset boat ride on Lake Hamilton!
 My precious niece came to visit me for my birthday!  She even wore her Miss America shirt!


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