Race for a Cure! Little Rock 2012!

I will not lie… I groaned when my alarm clock went off on Saturday at 6 a.m.  However, after braiding my hair and donning my pink attire, I was eager to meet friends downtown at Race for the Cure!  

Every year, I race in honor of my grandmother, a three-time breast cancer survivor!  She is the best example that I know of a kind, strong spirit!  I admire her in many ways!  When I called Friday to tell her I was entering the Race for the Cure, her response tickled me.  She was thrilled and offered to pay my registration fee!  Haha, no… that was my donation in her honor! 

Over 40,000 women participated in the 5K run/walk.  Little Rock ranks as one of the top five cities to support Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, raising $2 million during last year’s event alone!  More than 2,300 men lined the sidewalks to cheer and share support.  I was excited to see a very important man amid the “Miles of Men,” Governor Mike Beebe.  Although, I must say, the governor was a little overshadowed by the dancing firemen who were throwing out pink beads.  It really is inspiring to see a community come together for the hope of a cure. 

I also attended a Girl’s Night Out evening at my church, Fellowship Bible Church.  The speaker was a former national titleholder, who spoke on our purpose as Godly women.  I especially liked her comments on Proverbs 31:10.

A wife of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.

“Why rubies?  Why not diamonds?  Aren’t diamonds more treasured?  Actually, rubies are 300 times rarer than diamonds and can only be harvested in Burma.  In fact, most of the rubies we find in jewelry stores are synthetic rubies.  While this world places value on things like diamonds, realize that God places value on things that are rarer and truer.  Strive to develop the biblical qualities such as noble character, and you will live a countercultural life that far outweighs the beauty and rarity of a diamond.”  


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