Arkansas Prayer Breakfast

In April, I was given the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Arkansas Prayer Breakfast. This event was held at the Arkansas Governor's Mansion in Little Rock, AR and the tickets were sold out! The crowd consisted of hundreds of politicians, educators, businessmen, etc... all of which are considered difference makers throughout Arkansas! The prayer breakfast is an opportunity for leaders across the state to gather and refocus on serving Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful morning!

I gave a two minute speech after an introduction by Senator Tim Wooldridge. I asked the adults to "believe in my generation and realize the potential that lays before us." I challenged them "to invest in young adults, because we desperately need their wisdom, insight, leadership, and encouragement."

Speaking at the Governor's Mansion

Governor Beebe in the bottom right corner

Mrs. Becky Horne, me, Josh Groves, and Dr. Rex Horne (President of Ouachita Baptist University)

My family: Dad, Mom, me, Josh Groves, and Senator Bobby Glover

I also promoted the Arkansas Student Leadership Forum, a weekend forum that allows for college students to engage in conversations concerning the leadership skills of Jesus Christ. In order to attend, you must be nominated by the president of your University. Once at the forum, students hear from multiple Christian professionals and fellowship with outstanding student leaders. I fully enjoyed the forum when I attended during the fall of 2009!

I am excited about the leaders that will rise from my generation! I will continue to spread the message, "believe in my generation!"


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