Stuttgart School Visits

This morning, I had the priveledge to speak to St. John's Lutheran School. I attended St. John's as a child and always value opportunities to return to this school. I spoke to about 40 kids in grades 1-5. The audience was a little younger than what I expected so it was a great challenge to speak to this age group. They were so attentive, respectful, and interactive. I had a great day at St. John's!

1st and 2nd grade
silly face!!
3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

This afternoon, I spoke to a class at Stuttgart High School. It was a very informal setting with only a few students, but I fully appreciate the opportunity! I brought photos of celebrities who are known for the mistakes they have made. I quizzed the class on Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Micheal Vick, Jamie Lynn Spears, and more celebrities. We talked about their mistakes, consequences that followed, and overcoming the mistake. We can learn a lot from the mistakes of others!


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