Rwanda meets the Promise House

On Thursday, I helped organize an event at the Promise House, my old summer home. The Promise House is a shelter for pregnant teens and teenage mothers. I cherish the girls at the house and believe that we have a prime opportunity to pour into their life. That's why I love visiting!

I invited three Rwandan college students to visit the Promise House and talk about the Rwandan culture. The Promise House girls were amazed at the simplicity of life in Rwanda and asked many questions! I showed pictures of people and places in Rwanda, such as the schools, market, houses, and forests. The girls were largely surprised that most televisions in Rwanda has only one channel, pregnant and nonpregnant women often walked 2 hours to the market, and the kitchen in most Rwandan houses is outside. The Rwandan students spoke English very well and enjoyed sharing their culture with new friends!

After the talk, we then took the girls to the Heifer International Museum in Little Rock. I really enjoyed the outing with the girls!

Renatha, me, Frida, and Ingrid

Promise House girls looking at the Heifer International exhibit.

The most precious baby girl!

MayMy parents last summer, Mrs. Susan and Mr. Jesse


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