Children's Tour

I have completed my children's tour! haha. I found an excellent children's book that talks about choices and how they effect you and others. The book is entitled, "How full is your bucket?" The book describes an invisible bucket above our heads that show our feelings. When the bucket is full, we are happy. When the bucket is empty, we are upset. I actually bring a bucket and container of water to show the illustration, while talking about good choices. The kids loved the illustration and they were so attentive and interactive! I have fully enjoyed speaking to the classes at Noah's Ark and Easter Seals Daycare!

The class at Easter Seals in Stuttgart... a great group of kids!

Reading the book and showing the kids my sad face. haha.

These kids were so fun!

The group at Noah's Ark daycare!
Sweet girls.

Another picture with the group.


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