Sheridan Freshmen Academy

I had the privilege to speak to an incredible group of ninth grade students at the Sheridan Freshmen Academy. Mrs. Slocum invited me to speak to her classes and share my passion. I introduced my platform of "Second Chances: Empowering Youth to Rise Above" and discussed the effectiveness of a mentor. We also had fun with "name that tune" and interactive discussions over celebrities who have made well-known mistakes. This was a great group of kids and I look forward to hearing their feedback!

I am starting to feel very comfortable with my school presentation! Obviously, there is always room for improvement but I greatly enjoy spreading this message of hope and empowerment. It excites me to watch a few students soak in every word of my presentation and connect with my message. Inspiration is a powerful purpose and I am thankful for the opportunity to accomplish this purpose through the Miss America Organization.


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