2012 Contestant Survey!

I collected a fun survey from all 47 of the contestants competing for the title of Miss Arkansas 2012.  I found the results interesting and entertaining!  Can't wait to see who will be the next Miss Arkansas!
This is me with most of the 2012 contestants at the Miss Arkansas Foundation Golf Tournament.  Debra Hogue is pictured with us since she was one of the sponsors for the golf tournament.  

I first asked the question, “Have you ever competed in the Miss Arkansas Pageant?” 

This was surprising!  I know that we had several contestants compete last year for their 4th-7th year in the Miss Arkansas Pageant.  Consider this year almost a new cycle of contestants! 

I wanted to know which city will have the strongest representation in the upcoming Miss Arkansas Pageant.  Here are the most common hometowns:

Conway- 4
Jonesboro- 4
Batesville- 3
Harrison- 3

Which university has the most contestants in this year’s state pageant? 

University of Central Arkansas- 11
Ouachita Baptist University- 8
University of Arkansas- 7
Arkansas State University-7
University of Arkansas Fort Smith- 4
Southern Arkansas University- 3
Arkansas Tech University- 2
University of Arkansas Little Rock-2
Henderson State University- 1
Drury University- 1

What about age of the contestants?

In how many preliminary pageants did you compete in this year?

Watch out for the girls who won their 4th or 6th preliminary!  I was in that category my second year and placed in the top 5 after gaining so much practice and experience! I admire determination and persistence! 

What is your talent?

Vocal - 24  (52.2%)
Dance -17 (37%)
Instrument – 4 (8.7%)
Other - 1 (2.2%) 

I consider it typical for more singers to compete for Miss Arkansas.  In fact, I was the first dancer since 2001, when Jessie Ward Bennett won as a tap dancer, to be named Miss Arkansas.  The last instrumentalist to win was Ashlen Batson Thomason in 2008. 

What is your favorite phase of competition? 

Talent -  21 (44.7%)
Swimsuit – 10  (21.3%)
Interview – 9  (19.1%)
Evening gown – 7 (14.9%)

What is the biggest reason you compete in the Miss America Organization?

Opportunity/Career Development – 15 (31.9%)
Personal Growth – 13 (27.7%)
Scholarships - 9 (19.1%)
Platform Promotion – 5 (10.6%)
Other – 5 (10.6%)

There is a lot more to this pageant thing than what you originally thought.  :)  

Which celebrity would you like to go out with on a date?

Tim Tebow – 22 (46.8%)
Channing Tatum – 22 (46.8%)
Justin Beiber – 2 (4.3%)
Usher – 1 (2.1%)

I agree girls… this question was tough! 

How would you describe yourself in high school?

Studious – 18 (38.3%)
Cool – 9 (19.1%)
Other – 8 (17%)
Nerdy – 7 (14.9%)
Athletic – 5 (10.6%)

The five most recent Miss Arkansas titleholders have careers in pharmacy, broadcast journalism, law, speech pathology, and international business.  I think “studious” and “driven” are accurate descriptions of Miss America women.

Which celebrity best displays your personal sense of fashion?

Kate Middleton – 19 (40.4%)
Jessica Simpson – 12 (25.5%)
Other – 8 (17%)
Kim Kardashian – 3 (6.4%)
Adele – 3 (6.4%)
Avril Lavigne – 2 (4.3%)

Personally, I would have to go with Jessica Simpson.  :)

I asked the contestants to share an interesting fact.  I received a few really cool facts and want to see if you can match those contestants with their interesting facts.  I listed the facts first and then named the contestants.  Good luck!

1.   I am the only girl in an all male Kickboxing class. 
2.  I fluently speak 3 languages.
3.  I took the ACT 10 times!
 4.  I have megalophobia.
5.  My birthday is on Friday the 13th during the week of Miss Arkansas.
6.   I have a small herd of cattle.
7.   I was adopted from Santa Cruz, Bolivia when I was eight months old.
8.   I am the middle of six children and have been homeschooled my whole life.
9.  I have been in 30 weddings… but plan to elope, myself!
10.  I taught myself how to jump rope on a pogo stick!
11.   When I lived in Florida, I was a competitive sailor for my high school and competed in nationals with my team!
12.   I am in a three-generation country band.
13.  I was adopted from San Jose, California at the age of 2!
14.   I was the stand-in and stunt double for Reese Witherspoon in the 2013 movie “Mud.”
15.  I spent 4 months volunteering in the country of Uganda this year.
16.   I swam competitively for 13 years and was almost homeschooled so I could swim year round and further my swimming career.


1.  Miss Conway, Caitlyn Cook
2.  Miss Sweetheart of Arkansas, Brooke Ault
3.  Miss Magnolia, Sarah Liz Carter
4.  Miss Johnson County, Alisha Sears.
5.  Miss Western, Alexis Farmer
6.   Miss North Central Arkansas, Hannah Billingsley
7.  Miss Pulaski, Dalia Garrison
8.  Miss Jonesboro, Bethany Bell
9.  Miss Little Rock, Bethany Whitfield
10.  Miss Lakes of the Northwest, Rebecca Wheeley
11.  Miss Arkansas Tech University, Claire Hodgson
12.   Miss Crowley’s Ridge, Ashley Gage
13.  Miss White River, Helen Wisner
14.   Miss Southeast Arkansas, Mary Ellen Hunthrop
15.  Miss Lights of the Delta, Somer Allen
16.  Miss Greater Camden, Sarah Sutton

I think we can all agree… this is going to be an exciting pageant!  Hope to see you there! 

75th Anniversary of the Miss Arkansas Pageant
Summit Arena in Hot Springs, AR
July 11-14, 2012


Laine Berry said...
June 25, 2012 at 9:26 PM

Another wonderful blog, and incredible contribution to the year! Such fun getting such a behind the scenes look! A slight correction, however. Miss Arkansas 2003, Whitney Kirk, performed a tap/vocal to All That Jazz as her talent. The vocal portion was very minimal, and the talent was predominantly tap, so add sister Whitney to your list of tapping winners!

Sweety Darlin said...
June 26, 2012 at 11:28 AM

OMG I am so excited! Every year I get more and more excited to see my girls! I adopt you all for one week and hope that I can make you just a little more at ease with your experience!

Alana Gilliam said...
July 1, 2012 at 12:31 AM

Love this blog! I'm picking Abby Lindsey to win! She's a sweetheart and I have watched her grow up since her mom was my teacher in junior high! Good Luck to all the girls

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