June Already?! Week 46

This week started with Memorial Day, a day to reflect on those who sacrificed so much for freedom.  Thank you!

I celebrated Memorial Day with my family on the lake.  A few unfortunate events surprised us over the weekend.  Our boat battery died, and our grill ran out of propane.  With a few extra reasons to laugh, we were all in good spirits because my precious niece tested out the swimming pool for the first time!  I just love her!

Tuesday was catch-up day!  I visited the Miss Arkansas business office and finished more preparations for the Miss Arkansas pageant.  You cannot fathom how much work goes into the pageant week!  There are so many elements to plan for the state pageant, and we couldn’t do it without the army of volunteers!  It will definitely be a show you don’t want to miss.  Tickets go on sale through Ticketmaster on June 4. 

Wednesday, I joined many state legislators at Harding University in Searcy for Girls State.  As a Girls State delegate in 2006, I was honored to be voted Speaker of the House by my constituents!  I really enjoyed speaking to this year’s assembly and was so thankful for the opportunity.  As I was introduced, the Girls State audience gave a standing ovation!  I am always humbled by the way an Arkansas audience welcomes their Miss Arkansas!

During my speech, I shared a prediction I read that our generation will be less wealthy, healthy, and successful.  The girls booed this presumption, and I couldn’t help but smile!  I challenged them to be courageous leaders to change the path of society and defy all expectations.  During the week of Girls State, some of the girls were inspired to become lawyers or politicians.  Regardless of her chosen career, I hope that every female who attended was inspired to change the world. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead
My two state senators:  Current Senator Eddie Jo Williams and former Senator Bobby Glover (my pawpaw) 

My next destination was Springdale for a night with the Farmer family.  We spent the evening bowling, and even though I was terrible, I had a blast!  Thursday morning, I attended the Wal-Mart Shareholders’ Meeting and 50th anniversary celebration on the campus of the University of Arkansas.  I spent the day promoting Coca-Cola while meeting Wal-Mart associates from all over the world!  The town was teeming with celebrities, but I didn’t meet anyone famous.  It was a neat experience!

Friday, I joined the fight against cancer with Relay for Life in Hot Springs, which is the largest fundraiser in the state!  My business manager and teammate, Vicki Rima, invited me to celebrate with her family.  Her husband, John, is currently battling cancer for the second time.  I saw so many familiar faces at the Relay and was impressed with how the community supports one another!  I felt undeserving when asked to walk with the survivors in the celebration lap considering the courageous fight they have all given.  However, I had so many survivors thank me for joining them in the walk.  I am glad I walked after knowing what it meant to them!  Miss University of Arkansas Tracy Neal and Miss Central Arkansas Erin Larsen, who have platforms promoting cancer prevention, joined us to participate in the Relay.  
 John and Vicki Rima!

Tracy Neal, me, Raygan Sylvester, and Erin Larsen

Speaking of cancer survivors, I can add my grandmother to the list!  When diagnosed with cancer  for the third time last July, my MawMaw started treatment and never gave up the fight.  The doctor's last report was very positive as her lymphnodes have returned to normality!  MawMaw reads my blog every week so when you read this... just know that I will be making plans to celebrate your good news with a fried pie at Nick's very soon!  

Saturday was my day off.   I can’t remember having a Saturday off since my crowning last year!  Can you believe it?!  I did laundry for the first time in three weeks and took a three-hour nap in the afternoon.  Talk about a day!

Sunday was a big day!  I joined Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, a church that I have been visiting since I moved to Little Rock!  I am excited about getting plugged into the church! 

That afternoon, I drove to Jonesboro for a princess party with Miss Cotton Belle Mollie Parker!  It was a fundraiser for her platform, Make-a-Wish Foundation.  This event was very well organized and successful as they raised over $8,000!  I signed so many autographs for many little girls in tiaras with fresh curls, pink nail polish, and lime green eye shadow!  Whenever possible, I try to support local titleholders’ efforts to promote their personal platforms or Children’s Miracle Network.  I want the Miss Arkansas Class of 2012 to be the most prepared ever!

 Mollie Parker makes a wonderful Cinderella!  

Sunday night, I joined my best friends for a Miss USA watch party!  Miss Arkansas USA is Kelsey Dow, who competed with me last year as Miss ASU for the title of Miss Arkansas.  You may think she is beautiful from her pictures, but just wait until you see her beautiful heart!  Congratulations to Kelsey for making the top 15 and being voted as America’s Choice!  We are very proud of you! 

I have to share pictures from Steve Newby Photography in Russellville!  Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen Ashton Campbell and I joined Dr. Cooper for a photo shoot and were very pleased with the outcome! 
 "Sisters by chance, Friends by choice."
Dr. Cooper is the dentist behind the smile!  Thank you Coop!  

Speaking of Children’s Miracle Network, I am especially excited about my fundraiser at the Spirited Art Studio in Little Rock on Tuesday!  Don’t forget to visit their website to register ($35) for your canvas and paints: (http://www.rezclick.com/spiritedartlittlerock/index.php?page=classes#519).  The instructor will walk us through as we each paint a Razorback.  I hope to see you there!!  What fun for a great cause! 


Sweety Darlin said...
June 4, 2012 at 11:12 AM

I was super happy for Kelsey! She looked so pretty on stage! I talked to Stacey Jones about when I would arrive this year, and I am super excited to see all of you girls! What a fantastic week it will be!

I just want you to remember one thing. That week may be your departure, but it is another girls launch. Just remember that you should have your last hurrah, but she also deserves her best experience ever as well.

You are joining the sorority now, and will always be our Miss Arkansas 2011!

Russell Mclain said...
May 15, 2013 at 4:16 AM

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