Miss Arkansas Pageant Week- Part 3!

Thursday morning, I joined Alyson Courtney for a 6:00 a.m. interview on KATV Channel 7’s Good Morning Arkansas!  After I spoke about the pageant week, she interviewed the preliminary winners of Wednesday’s onstage competition.  She actually gave them a pop quiz on Arkansas trivia, and I think they did pretty well considering the early hour! 
We then hopped into my Miss Arkansas car and met Dick Antoine at his radio studio, where he had been promoting the pageant throughout the week.  On Wednesday, he had  interviewed Patti Thorn Lusk, Miss Arkansas 1988 and one of this year's Miss Arkansas judges.  He has been a long-time supporter of the Miss Arkansas pageant and even wrote an onstage question, “Do you vote for the party or the person?”  This year, the onstage questions were collected from recognizable media and public figures within the state of Arkansas.   Adding a new element to the pageant, the questions were relevant and thought-provoking!  
Thursday was a very special day for me!  After the production meeting during lunch, I was walking to my dressing room when I saw my college roommates enter the auditorium!  I had asked Leslyn to play the piano while I danced, but I was surprised to see that she brought Lauren and Whitney with her!  As we practiced onstage, Lauren and Whitney unsuccessfully tried to win Miss Arkansas Pageant tickets from the Miss Arkansas Twitter account.  I appreciated their presence so very much! 

As Leslyn accompanied her on the piano, Ashton Campbell sang “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John.  My dance teacher, Micki Konency, choreographed a lyrical number that symbolized my dancing throughout the years.  Connley Coker was the little ballerina and was absolutely precious as the first dancer out.  Next, my princess Riley Stephens danced, and then Charlsi Konency danced as the teenager.  When I came out on stage, I danced for several 8-counts before Micki joined me onstage.  We kept it a huge secret that she would be dancing with me, but I am so glad that she did!  It was a very meaningful moment!

After my performance each night, I joined my parents on the couch on the front row to watch the talent and evening gown competitions!  We absolutely loved our couch and will miss those seats next year!  Each evening, I  invited someone from the audience to dance with me during one of our production numbers.  On Thursday, I asked a dear friend and long-time supporter of the pageant, Jay Bednar!  Jay is the kindest young man who wears all the support buttons for the contestants and Miss Arkansas.  He giggled and smiled so big as we twirled onstage.  Later, many people complimented him on his dancing skills, and everyone could see that it was a great moment in his life!  

Congrats to the Thursday night alpha winners! 

Miss Northwest Arkansas Sarah Gafvert
Miss Sweetheart of Arkansas Brooke Ault
Miss Greater Hot Springs Samantha Hudon

Photos by You've Got the Look Photography!
Congrats to the Thursday night preliminary winners!

Miss Sweetheart of Arkansas Brooke Ault
Miss University of Central Arkansas Morgan Holt
Miss Greater Little Rock Bethany Whitfield
Miss Northwest Arkansas Sarah Gafvert

After the pageant, I was eager to see everyone at visitation!  
Whitney, Lauren, me, Leslyn, and DJ
When visitation was over, I was starving and really looking forward to the contestants' post-pageant party in our suite!  Thankfully, Mrs. June Felix (Miss Arkansas board member and very generous volunteer) provided pizza for all of the girls.  It tasted delicious, especially at 11:00 p.m!  


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